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But love, almighty love, seems in a moment to have removed me to a prodigious distance from every object but you alone.

In the midst of crowds, I remain silence.

Nothing but you can lay hold of my mind and that can lay hold of nothing but you.

"Keep your chin up, princess. Or else your crown will fall off"

A little selfie never killed nobody

A little selfie never killed nobody

Love on Top
by Abie & Tika

the headline of my first day in February.

"You know what? I need to unleash the BIG potential of being a diva in me"

this was recorded during our way back to my house, after long (deep and meaningful) conversation about (please don’t laugh) life. I’m always up to have fun conversation -both stupid and smart, and this one turned out to be such heart warming kind-of conversation.

I never thought I would have such moment with Abi, one of the most happy go lucky person in my EB team, let alone stupid, let alone careless.

But it turns out that I did.

Whoever says fun things are coming when you least expected it must be a very smart person ever walks on earth. Come to think of it, when you expect something to be fun, no matter how fun it turns out, it will have less surprise to you (because you already expect it) thus it will be less fun than it should be.

During this past few days, I’ve been talking a lot with my Vice Presidents. One-by-one, heart-to-heart. Which is one thing that I rarely do during my LC President life.

I dont know, like… have you ever had a jolt and after that you wanted to do something -very sudden and random urge, and in the next moment, you find yourself doing exactly what you want to do. Like, there’s no need to hold back, just enjoying the flow and embrace every single seconds you spend doing that.

And that’s what I feel when I talk with my Vice Presidents. I think it’s one of the indication of Midlife Crisis. My life as an LC President is going to be over soon and I really want to make the most of it.

Oh speaking of President, I finally have launched the LC President booklet. Meaning that… I’m going to have a successor soon :”)

Man, I feel really emotional right now.

*brb going to my room to hug my bolster and go back to sleep



you know, the weird part of our story is the fact that:

  • last year I didn’t know you, literally speaking, and
  • a year after I still don’t, tragically speaking.

but ey, I’m in the process of making peace with my past, and that also goes with a good bye wave to you.

I bid you adieu, and I wish you live happily ever after.

"Random Access Love"  a short movie directed by Lukas Sahta, a friend of mine who is really TALENTED with movie making skill :)

anyway, this is my first movie in which I act as a woman hahaha

enjoy! ;)

#Short movie

in the journey of tracing back where I was from

hello, hello

so this is how sprint feels like.

fast, and no time to think. you must know where you’re heading and at the same time you have to maintain your speed. not constant, but even faster each ticking second.

so this is how 4 months sprint feels like.

tired, worn out, you run as you wash your wet face with the palm of your hand. your palm is wet, too. but you don’t care. it feels like your pair of lungs have failed their function to exchange the gasses and you feel your body only filled with carbon dioxide.

and this is how 4 months sprint with a big mirror in front of you feels like.

you’re a half way there. the only thing that separates you from the finish line is another 4 months of sprinting. that, and suddenly without prior notice, a big mirror appears in front of you.

you’re shocked because the mirror reflects a portrait of an old woman. athletic? hell, no. she doesn’t even look energetic enough to smile. she doesn’t look alive. but hey, she wears that sprint jersey. high and proud.

you’re still shocked, so you’re gasping for air. just to wake up some lazy nerves in your brain. doesn’t work. you’re panicked but then santa comes to help you.

he offers you water. it seems like ordinary water, but when you take a gulp, you just know this is what you actually need. not only refreshing, but it also makes you feel more alive in each gulp you take.

after calming yourself down, you realize that you’ve been going too far. only then you realize that you’re not wearing any jersey and there’s no such thing as finish line. the only thing there beside you and santa was a jogging track.

you’ve been going too far and you’ve been changing too much. more or less to be a person you’re not really comfortable in.

so this is how sprint in life feels like.

and this is how I realize that I’ve been going too far, and I’m on my way back to where I was from. I don’t have to sprint. All I have to do is jog, breath in breath out. wave hello to strangers along the line. And enjoying every second of it.


oh and dearest santa, thank you very much for the drink. I’m sorry I drank it all up. when I look to your face, all I can see is tired eyes. thank you for sprinting with me. but, you’re right. both of us really need a time to take a rest and to enjoy life for a little while.

I wish we can meet again on the road’s end.

and maybe by then, it’s going to be my time to share drinks to you

#kartika dwi baswara #life #personal


Walking through clouds: TEDxHamburg speaker creates a walkable cube of clouds 

If you were to have visited the Sunken Garden at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo last year, you would have seen something quite surprising: a transparent cube filled with clouds. This cube is the design of environmental architecture firm Transsolar and Japanese architecture firm Tetsuo Kondo Architects, and is meant to immerse visitors in man-made clouds to show the importance of humanity’s connection to nature. 

The installation, entitled Cloudscapes, allowed visitors to climb a staircase through and beyond a layer of floating clouds. “When you climb [the stairs inside the clouds’ container] to reach the top,” says the designers at ArchDaily, “the museum, 
the surrounding buildings, and the sky stretch out above the clouds. The edges of the clouds are sharp, yet soft, and always in motion. Their color, density and brightness are constantly changing in tune with the weather and time of day.”

At TEDxHamburg, Thomas Auer, one of Transsolar’s environmental engineers, spoke about the firm’s installations, and their connection to his work with green design. From his talk:

[When it comes to climate change], the question is not so much, ‘Are we going to have global warming?’ The question is, ‘What can we do to minimize it?’ … What we do at Transsolar, we call climate engineering, and the idea [behind this] is, ‘How can we bring together the quality of the built environment and [its] energy performance?’

[In 2010] we at Transsolar, we got asked to do an installation at the Architecture Biennale in Venice, and we thought about, ‘What can we do? What can we show at Architecture Biennale?’ So we came up with the idea that we should do a cloud, because we thought a cloud is the only thing where we can make climate engineering visible.

…The question [was], 'How can we do a floating cloud?' … The cloud happens in a layer where we have 100% humidity — it’s what we call saturated air — in which we can spray water and it stays.

Watch Thomas’s whole talk below for more information about man-made clouds, green design, and climate engineering:

(Photos: Tetsuo Kondo Architects, Ken’ichi Suzuki, Yasuhiro Takagi)

btw, currently reading this.
so far so good
and interesting as well :)

btw, currently reading this.

so far so good

and interesting as well :)

#an abundance of katherines #john green